Budget and Future Funding

Budget assessment related to time





Financial Plan







Funding principle

1. « Start up » Period
–  Funding mainly provided by the IOC
–  Search for sponsors is put into place
–  A system of members with membership fees is created

2.    From the 5th year
–  The funding is mainly provided by the membership fees and the sponsors
–  The IOC becomes the warrant in case of a deficit
–  For any organisation member, membership fees will be withdrawn, which correspond
to CHF 200.00 per salaried employee (e.g. : the IOC has 400 salaried members, the
fee will be CHF 80’000.00/per year, for a national Federation including two salaried
employees, the annual fees will be  CHF 400.00/per year)

Estimated receipts : 205 NOC > 75 IFs, > 7500 National Federations, > 10 world organisations  > 20 professional  organisations, plus the associations of host cities for the O G or World championships, etc. i. e more than > 35’000 salaried employees depending on these sporting organisations worldwide)