Assessment Tools

Approach (based on internal and external audits)

The assessment system will be based on :

The «Basic universal Principles of good  governance in the Olympic and sporting Movement», preliminary document from February 1st 2008;

The assessment system for the governance of sporting organisations by Sandro Arcioni (2007);

The integration of both systems will allow to have additional indicators in the analytical framework (by taking into account the autonomy of the members of the Olympic Movement).

Levels of Governance

Level 1: Management of organisations or “corporate governance” by their managers.
Level 2: Governance or “management of management” by the authorities of each organisation (statutes, board, general assembly …).
Level 3: Regulation or “management of governance” using specific devices: professional organisations, administrative Authorities (dedicated authorities), jurisdiction bodies.
Level 4: Harmonisation of regulation systems or “governance of governance” by political means (laws, regulations), by judicial appeal.
Level 5: Metagovernance: basic principles concerning the organisation of collective life: at the level of states (constitutions) at the international level (international treaties).

Assessment of the governance mode using 18 dimensions

Governance Levels    –    Dimensions
1. Management
– Professionalism
– Financial independency
– Management
2. Governance
– Identity
– Values
– Flexibility
– Internal power configuration
3. Regulation
– Controls
– Communication
– Imputability
4. Harmonisation
– Partnership relations
– Reputation
– Jurisdictional
5. Metagovernance
– Metajurisdictional
– Social and economic
– Conservation and management of resources for development
– Strengthening of major social groups
– Means of implementation

Chart of governance profile according to Pérez (5 levels of governance)






Audit system (based on internal and external audits)







Scoring system





“Good Governance” standard (based on « Thresholds »)






“Good Governance” calculation (based on the “percentile”)





Governance typology