Creation of an independent body

What are the arguments for the creation of an independent body to monitor the good functioning and the governance of sport in the world?

In fact, it would not be a supervisory body per se, but rather an independent organisation working in the sport industry, and able to assist all members and players of sport in order to improve their governance structures and move towards full transparency and harmonisation.

Currently, unlike the business world, there is a loophole in the field. No official authority exists to date. Moreover, since the disappearance of OATH (Olympic Advocates Together Honorability), there is no longer an “athletes’ union” and it is not in the competence of the Court of Arbitration for Sport to address them. Conversely, UN-Watch is interested in it (e.g. a few appearances of this organisation during the Beijing Olympics in 2008).

On the other hand, the huge size of the sport system and the involvement of certain government of totalitarian or developing countries in national sports systems, the control of sport by some mafia organisations (e.g.: NSF FILA from former USSR countries, money laundering, the organisation of online betting, etc..) would need more governance controls from the world of sport.

This independent body would be responsible for assisting the members of the Olympic family to improve their structures, and also all the players involved in amateur and professional sport, at the international and national levels. This body will have to establish a monitoring system of governance in order to reach a governance standard in sport.